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Case studies

As the Nation’s Local Plumber, we carry out all manner of work from a variety of customers up and down the country. For more information about specific jobs we have completed please read our Case Studies Below;


Leaking Dishwasher--Fixed!

We received a call from a home owner who reported a leak coming from their dishwasher so we sent our engineer Wayne to see what he could do. 

Leaking Through the Ceiling

We received a job from an insurance customer  in Fairford claiming that they had a leak coming from a light, which is clearly quite serious so we sent Mark over to solve the problem.


Replacement Valves

Our on call engineer received a job to attend to a block of flats in Banbury at 4am. The job description advised him that there was a leak coming from the airing cupboard, but that the tenant did not know where the stop tap was; due to the hour of the night Mark rang the customer and was able to advise him over the phone how to switch off his water. 

Leaking Pipe due to a broken Connector

We received a job on behalf of an insurance company to attend to a home in Amersham, because there was a case of a leaking pipe beneath some floorboards, so we sent our plumber Seb out to see what was going on. 

Replacing leaking Pipework Connected to Macerator

What was the problem? Metro Plumb were contacted by a leading facilities management company to...

Replacing damaged pipework in under-store supermarket carpark

What was the problem? Metro Plumb were contacted by a leading supermarket in Aldershot to replace...