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Leaking Pipe due to a broken Connector

We received a job on behalf of an insurance company to attend to a home in Amersham, because there was a case of a leaking pipe beneath some floorboards, so we sent our plumber Seb out to see what was going on. 

When he arrived on site he soon discovered that a push fit connector on the pipe was leaking because it was partially popping out. Seb corrected the fitting and tested the water, but it was clear that there was more amiss with the connector. Seb used tape to hold it in place in order to stop the leak and explained the situation to the home owner; that the leak was fixed for the time being but that a more permanent fix would require replacing the old connector with a new one. We passed the recommendation on to the insurance company for them to raise a new job for the further works.


We attended the new job once it was arranged by the insurance company a few weeks later; the leak perfectly managed in the meantime by the tape Seb had affixed. Seb returned to the home and set about creating a more permanent fix. Firstly he switched off the hot water tank and then drained what was left in the pipes so that he could open them without creating any flooding. He checked over the pipework and found it to be fit for purpose, apart from the already identified push fit connector, which he set about replacing. He removed the tape and then the old connector, and fit a new connector. The final part of the job was to flush water through the pipes to ensure there were no leaks, and this was done.


The home owners had this to say about Seb:

very kind and patient man. Lovely to have him in my house”