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6 Creative and Interesting Sink Designs

Our plumbers are available 24 hours a day to fix and repair broken taps and sinks. Most sinks aren’t as unusual as the below and if your sink is leaking or your taps are not working correctly, remember to give Metro Plumb a call on 0800 415 514.

This sink simulates contour lines as if it was a real valley with real rainfall. This sink looks fancy and would be ideal if you had a passion for geography or mapping, however imagine how hard this sink would be to clean. 


Spot the problem with this stylish sink. What’s different from it to normal sinks?

There is no Waste Trap! A Waste Trap is an ‘S’ shaped bend in the piping, usually located right underneath the sink. Due to a normal waste trap’s shape, a small pool of water will always lie in the trap and prevent any bad odours from rising out of the pipe system. This is the primary purpose of a waste trap and not having one will mean that this sink will look great, but all fouls smells from the waste pipes will make their way upwards and into the bathroom.


This sink’s tap involves lifting a small rock up at the top and letting the water trickle out. The Water then slowly fills the bowl at the bottom. The plug for this simply involves lifting a second rock at the bottom to allow the water to pour away.


This unusually shaped sink allows the water to drain away off to one side. This sink looks more like modern art than a functioning piece of equipment in your home.


Inspired by a prehistoric design, this washbasin resembles an ammonite fossil. Watch the water swirl away in this spiral shaped sink as you wash your hands.


Our local plumbers and plumbing engineers are experts in what they do and fixing broken taps is one of our central services. We normally offer like-for-like replacement on standard taps but this would be difficult with this extremely unusual design. Often the reason why a tap might be leaking or dripping is because the washer inside the tap has worn away and is no longer functioning correctly. If we could get into the inside of this tap, presuming that it can open up, we should be able to locate the washer inside and we should be able to repair the inner tap.