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Radiator Replacement

The Great British winter can be cold and therefore it’s essential that your home or business has working heating. No one wants to sit in a cold room! A leaking radiator can also cause damage to floors and carpets, so if you notice that a radiator is not working properly, or is leaking water it could be broken and need replacing.

If a radiator feels hot at the top but cold at the bottom, this could indicate that there is a build-up of sludge inside the radiator. Alternatively, if the radiator is hot at the bottom but not at the top, this usually means that there is air trapped in the radiator which is preventing it from heating up correctly. If this is the case the radiators will simply need bleeding, to let out the excess air.  Our plumbers can visit your property to identify the problem.

Metro Plumb have over 30 dedicated plumbing centres across England, Scotland and Wales meaning we can react quickly and arrange to replace your radiator. 

One of our engineers will visit your property to assess the problem. If a replacement radiator is required, we will do this with an equivalent size and style radiator.

You can be sure you are in safe hands; our plumbers are CRB/DBS checked as standard and committed to providing a friendly and efficient service.

For further advice and high standards of service, call Metro Plumb today on 0800 415 514.